What happens when we die? How does it feel? Not any pain that might be associated with our death, but the actual crossing over. Will we know immediately where we are or is there a kind of confusion, like when we awaken from a vivid dream.

Do dreams actually mean something beyond flushing out the daily routines and refreshing our minds. I read a story once of a multitude of people that came forward shortly before the towers fell that had the same dream, a dream that became reality within weeks and months. Why? Could this tragedy have been stopped. Does this happen all the time and we just don’t realize it?

Does everyone have a specific purpose? A reason they are here on Earth? If they do, and that person doesn’t fulfil their destiny, then what?

How can (some) sisters and/or brothers, with the same parents, that grew up in the same family, same atmosphere, same community, same education opportunities, etc… develop with such completely opposite characters and beliefs.

How can anyone believe that people are different based on the color of their skin?

If there are a set of ten commandments, a basic list of the most important things that human beings should not do, couldn’t they add an extra line for slavery, or maybe exchange it for lying?

Why do people believe that Jesus is white?

Is the universe finite or infinite? I sometimes imagine that every molecule in our bodies are made up of a whole universe just like ours. Like, we are a molecule along with a million others that exist within a body (or something else).

Why can I tune out an entire conversation, but pick out one sentence to respond to.

Why do I have to question everything?