All this research for school projects has left me wondering if there is any way to do the right thing. It seems like every issue I research leads me to something I need to change in my life. But if I change it, could that cause a different problem. Am I just overthinking again? Most likely.

For instance, take forced labor and ‘sweatshops’. If we want to stop this, we should not buy the cheap clothing or other items that are produced using these laborers. On the other hand, if we stop buying, that doesn’t necessarily mean the work environments will improve, it might just put the people out of work that rely on that income, no matter how meager.

Then I have a crisis of conscious. Am I creating a reason to continue to buy cheap merchandise just because I don’t want to give it up or do I really care about the workers and want to try to find a way to help. I would love to say it’s totally altruistic, but if I’m being honest, who doesn’t love a bargain?

Another example is ‘The Water Crisis’. I didn’t even know this existed. At first, I was disgusted to learn that giant water companies are going to poverty stricken countries to extract water from their land, when on the other side of the fence are people who do not have access to clean drinking water. It’s appalling. But then again, if those companies weren’t there, they wouldn’t be able to employ the local people and they wouldn’t be able to take home the two bottles of water they are allowed per day. Am I second guessing because I don’t want to give up bottled water? It’s so convenient.

Can’t there be a middle ground? Can’t these companies run their businesses and at the same time, help the communities that are suffering. But on the other hand, it’s not my business to tell them what to do with their money. I don’t want them telling me what to do with mine.

This is just one of the fun ways I drive myself crazy every day.