It seems pretty outrageous to me that at this point in my life I still have so much to learn about life. I’ve come a long way, but every day there are new lessons and new ideas. There is so much that I wish I had known when I was a younger and I am hoping to pass on some things I feel are important to others that may be able to use it.

I have no idea what I am doing, but I am not going to let that stop me anymore. Life is too short. I refuse to let insecurities, and there are a lot of them, keep me from doing the things I want to do anymore. I wasted so much time and energy worrying what others would think of me, I wasn’t able to enjoy my life. Insecurity sucks the life out of you.

Here is my plan:

There will be a variety of topics. As I experience life lessons, I will pass those on. Hopefully, I will give someone a fresh perspective on an old idea. I’m sure there will be some funny or sad moments, embarrassing (to me) topics, probably even just tips on recipes, movies or household products that I want to share.

I would love to get feedback, positive or negative. I’ve got pretty thick skin and I can take criticism. See, there I go, assuming negative feedback. It all goes back to insecurity. Part of me is super excited to be doing this and the other part thinks ‘Why in the world do you think somebody wants to read about your thoughts?’ I am a mess!

I spend so much of my day inside of my own head, I would love to know what others think about the issues I will write about. I love to listen to YouTube videos, lectures and interviews on topics I find interesting, such as medicine, philosophy, culture and world religions. I know (or care) nothing of celebrity gossip, entertainment news or sports, and that keeps me out of the loop on a lot of things, but give me any other topic and I will give it my best shot.

One of my main goals in life is to be more adventurous. Here is to the first of many new adventures, and I hope to get some traveling companions. Cheers!